MCCCI Delegation Trip to Republic of Uzbekistan
Networking with CCIU, MIFTU, and Deputy Mayor of Tashkent

17th July 2019

MELAKA – Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a delegation trip to Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent City, and visited to Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan (MIFTU), and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCIU), in order to promote and strengthen the investment and trade cooperation between businesses of both nations.

Secretary General of MCCCI – Mr. Go Tiong Siew hopes that both Tashkent and Melaka will be able to develop and strengthen the cooperation in technology, skill, trade and other field, in order to rebuild the historical glory of both places while forging bilateral relationships. He believes this visit will be beneficial in promoting and fortify the cooperation bridge between both cities.

He mentioned that Malaysia and Uzbekistan, Melaka and Tashkent, both nations and cities have many similarities in terms of history and population. Both of them are multiracial, multicultural, multilingual cities, with abundance of natural resources, and was one of the nations course in the ancient Silk Road and also in the present “One Belt, One Road”.

Go says, MCCCI traveled through half of the Asia continent, in order to survey and explore the investment mechanism in the country, in hopes to cultivate the network and cooperation in technology and trade between two nations, by promoting close commercial interactions and reaches consent of mutual benefits.

Under the coordination of Mr. Ravshan, Uzbekistan Ambassador in Malaysia, the delegation team was arranged to be received by MIFTU officers at the airport and under CCIU’s arrangement, to be able to network with local entrepreneurs and visit to Free Economic Zone and local factories. At the same time, signed a MoU with CCIU.

Besides that, the delegation team was lucky to be specially received  by Tashkent Deputy Mayor, Mr. Elbek, and provide a greatest opportunity to the members. He agrees to provide 5000 km square of land, tax-free to invest and plant fruits, especially grapes and cherries, to be exported to Malaysia or other countries.

MCCCI Vice President – Datuk Yew Geok Hui encourages entrepreneurs and corporate in Melaka to obtain any investment or other details from Assistant Secretariat of MCCCI, Mr. Chew Zheng Yan (06-2844720).

Delegation team attracted 20 participants, including MCCCI directors and members, which includes Datuk Yew Geok Hui, Mr. Tan Thuan Song, Datuk Piong Teck They and others.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of MIFTU – Mr. Laziz says, Uzbekistan is marching towards developing and advancing, and delighted in welcoming investment and trade cooperation from other nations, while in hope to share information and technology through positive communication, in order to promote development of both nations.

Laziz also hopes that, both Malaysia and Uzbekistan, Tashkent and Melaka, be able to maintain close communication, building friendly relationship, foster cooperation and promote development. He also hopes that entrepreneurs and organizations of both nations can promote trade and investment cooperation in future, in order to encourage corporate and entrepreneurs to invest and set up factories in Uzbekistan.

On the other hand, Chairman of CCIU – Mr. Farizsokh says, Uzbekistan is interested in medicine, construction, vehicle parts and assembly sector. Therefore, he hopes for more trade and skill sharing on these sectors in the future. He also welcomes Malaysian entrepreneurs to invest and set up factories in Uzbekistan, in order to opens the economic development pathway between nations and foster the relationship between both.

Mr. Farizsokh also praises that Melaka has a strategic geographic advantage. The famous Melaka Straits is the absolute sailing route in the Ancient Silk Road, it is the longest and the buzziest sail route even until now. But unfortunately, similar to Ukbekistan, it lost its glorious status after the devastation of cruel war in a century ago.

In this great opportunity, Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, by Mr. Go Tiong Siew and Mr. Sultanov, the Secretary General of MCCCI and Chairman of Tashkent Region of CCIU. This seals the historical moment of both Chambers, where Chambers consent on promote commercial and trade cooperation, maintain friendly relationship between both Chambers and provide technical and technological information sharing to entrepreneurs from two nations.

Delegation team participated in business matching and networking with the local entrepreneurs under coordination of CCIU. Besides that, delegation team is invited to visit to Angren Free Economic Zone. Any entrepreneur who fulfills the criteria will receive the aids from FEZ to handle the set up procedure and receive tax exempt. 

Introduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a developing country in Central Asia, its history can be tracked till 1000 years BC. In the ancient times, it was ruled by Alexander the Great and his empire. In 1219, it was invaded and ruled by the army of Genghis Khan. After the dissolution of Uzbek-Khan, Uzbek own their land under the lead of Muhammad Shayboniy. In the end, it involved in many battles, and was conquered by Russia and joined the Soviet Union during World War 1. 

Uzbekistan is independent since 1991. Facing the great economic challenge upon independence, the Uzbek government adopted a gradual reform policy, emphasis on national control, reduce import and national debt, in order to achieve self sufficient resources. After gradual reform and development, the economy of Uzbekistan is now open. Therefore, they welcome foreign corporate to invest in Uzbekistan, and improves the infrastructure of the country. 

Uzbekistan have total area of 448 thousand km square. with population of 33 million, which includes 129 ethnics, with 85% are Muslims. THe population of Uzbek is very young, with nearly 50% of them are below 18 years old. Uzbekistan have a very low unemployment rate, but the average income of their people is also low, where it is at 169th out of 209 nations.

The main contributing sectors in Uzbekistan is agriculture, textile, mining and petroleum, which brings a GDP of 238.9 billion USD. The country have abundance of natural resources, wide land, good transport system and safe environment, these qualities make Uzbekistan a good spot to invest in. 

Uzbekistan is the end terminal of Ancient Silk Road’s Asia portion, produces beautiful cotton, fruits and grains, it also has abundance of oil field and gold that are yet to be mined. This makes the nation to have a great potential to develop rapidly. Cherries, grapes and apricots in Uzbekistan are exported to China, Korea and Russia in great numbers.