Receives The New Consulate General of Indonesia In Johor Bahru
MCCCI Shares Trade Infos

28th February 2020

MELAKA – President of Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Siang Teck Siong welcomes the newly appointed Consulate General of Indonesia in Johor Bahru, Mr. Sunarko. During the communication session, both parties shared on the future trade, tourism, investment and more cooperation in other sectors between both nations, and foster the diplomatic relationship between two.  

Sunarko said, they hope that through this visit, both parties are able to facilitate the friendly relationship and economic trade between both nations. At the same time, hopes to encourage Malaysian entrepreneurs to invest in development projects in Indonesia while cooperating in order to build a better link bridge for trade and economy of both nations.

He also stated that, Indonesia government announced to relocate their capital, form Jakarta to Kalimantan. But the Kalimantan peninsular is still under urbanization and infrastructure upgrading, therefore it might take around 5 years to officially relocated and put into use. He believes that the relocation will able to overcome the issues arises from frequent natural disasters, and will be able to promote economic and trade development of the country. 

MCCCI President, Mr. Siang Teck Siong commends Indonesia’s performance as their economy develops in a astonishing pace, and their GDP stands in first of all ASEAN countries.  He also stated that, Indonesia now has a population of 273.5 billion, but they have a very stable political environment, which plays a big role in promoting their development in different sectors. 

Both parties shared on the economic development, tourism and investment projects and etc. They hope that in future may have further coordination, in order to stimulate economic development and foster diplomatic relationship between both nations. 

Attendee includes, MCCCI Vice President – Mr. Chan Wah Kim, Vice Chairman of Commerce Committee – Mr. Tan Thuan Song, Directors – Datuk Tan Kian Huat, Mr. Tee Kai Loon, and Consul of Economic Affairs of Indonesia in Johor Bahru – Mr. Ari Wardhana. 


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