Siang Teck Siong: Healthy Banquet Culture
Plead to Chinese Community to Implement 3 Reforming Qualities

28th November 2019

MELAKA –  President of Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Mr. Siang Teck Siong plead to Chinese organizations in Melaka to promote and implement the beautiful qualities of “Silence when guest on stage giving speech”, “Simplify protocol addressing” and “Empty the plates”, in order to encourage proper etiquette in gatherings and banquets, instilling Chinese moral beauties.

“Keeping in time cannot be achieved as promoted by merely an individual or a single organization. It requires a change in mindset of a whole community, to cultivate a punctual habit as a basic manners to people and to self.”

Siang mentioned, Huangzong once promoted “Mindset Reformation Campaign” in 2006. The campaign invokes people to be punctual, saving, simplifies ceremony, shorten addressing, silence during speech and many more, in order to pass down the traditional moral and qualities of Chinese.

The campaign was implemented for years, although it shows some improvements, but there are still a lot of space to improve more, especially on the punctually starting and ending a ceremony, and also the speech giving session.

Actually, Chinese Mentality Reformation Campaign was introduced since 1998. This earlier version of campaign plead to Chinese community to be punctual, discipline, respect others, simplifies ceremony by limits number of guests giving speech, speech duration, simplifies addressing, limits the course of meal to 6 courses.

Few days ago, the Ambassador of the Republic of China in Malaysia – Mr. BaiTian criticize the participants for chatting while there are someone giving speech on stage, in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Promotion Luncheon. Siang believes Mr. Bai took the action as he could not bear the rudeness any longer.

Siang says, he was invited to attend events similar to this, but when a guest is giving speech on stage, it is complete silence from the other guest in seats, never a person speak or whisper, their phone is switched off, and even at times of call of nature, they waited patiently until the speech ends, then only they look for toilets.

Siang thinks that to promote the reforming campaign should start from the basic reformation in ceremonies, focus until there are results only then extend it to other sector. MCCCI invoke to Melaka Chinese community to join the campaign, “to listen quietly when speech is given”, “simplifies addressing”, “time keeping and punctuality”, “simplifies ceremony, do not exceed 4 speech givers” and “empty the plates”. 

“I hope that with the help of Chinese leaders and press media in promoting these reforming campaign, everyone can take up the responsibility, starting from the basic banquet reformation. I believes that we all fight alongside, gradually cultivate proper attitude and manners, and maintain it, we can foster it into a good culture of Chinese community.”