MCCCI Plead to the Government
Postpone the Implementation of Minimum Wage

14th February 2020

MELAKA – Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it had severely devastated global economy. President of Malacca Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Mr. Siang Teck Siong plead to the government to postpone the implementation of new minimum wage, in order to lighten up the burden of employer, and helps all the industries to survive through this ordeal.

Siang is also the Vice President of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia. He stated in this article, the government announced that 56 cities in Malaysia will start to implement the minimum wage policy from 1st of February onward, where the minimum wage will increase to RM1,200. But due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and it is spreading fast. This causes the demand market to be depressing, and has seriously impacted all corporate and entrepreneurs, especially tourism sector.

He says, Bank Negara Malaysia have revealed a prediction lately, where they predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will causes the economic growth of Malaysia to slow down, the GDP and demand market of Malaysia is believed to stay low.

Therefore, MCCCI hopes that the government could empathize the entrepreneurs in the setbacks they faced in this critical moments, and delay the implementation of new minimum wage, in order to lower the cost and burden of entrepreneurs. Besides that, he hopes that government can introduce economic revitalization package to help entrepreneurs in fighting the ordeal. 

Also, he once again invoke to people to stop spreading fake news and false information on the COVID-19 pandemic, to prevent panic and chaos, which will further affects the depressing economy even more. He also hopes that people can together fulfill citizenship and protect social health and safety, by prioritize individual health and cleanliness, while having the spirit to care for others.